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Free Coupon Database for your Blog

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We are now excited to offer our coupon database for free for your blog. We are still working on a few things so please bear with us. We hope to soon offer away for you to add your own affiliate links but for now you can just embed the code below on your blog and anytime you add coupons to the database on your blog it will update everyones  CQ database on their blog.

I will not be adding my own affiliate coupon links into the database to make it fair for anyone who wants to use it until we can come up with a solution for that. links expire quickly so most of the time they don’t last but a couple of days before you have to delete them anyway.

I would love your thoughts and ideas. I just want something we can all use that will help us all save more money. Together we can help each other save 1 coupon at a time. When we work together we can provide more savings for our readers!

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<iframe src="" width="940" height="1500" frameborder="0"></iframe>
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