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Pick me! I want to go to the #SoFabCon!!

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Hey Everyone, Princess Lacey here! I’ve been blogging for a while now and I have something to admit. I’ve never been to a conference. I hear all the other bloggers brag about these awesome conferences that they go to and I admit it…I get alittle jealous. So why I am telling you this? There is one coming up in May called the SoFabCon. It sounds amazing. I know that is will help me become a better blogger. Again, why am I boring you with this?! Well they are having a #LuvSoFab Sponsorship Contest and 6 members of the Social Fabric community will win a full ride to the conference. I want one of those winners to be me! When I first heard about the conference I was so excited. I quickly checked out how much it would cost to go. That’s when I saw how much $$$ just a plane ticket would be! I knew we couldn’t afford it. Any extra money we get goes straight to paying off our students loans. That’s why when I heard about this contest it was like a dream come true!

(Check out these awesome sessions! I’m a sponge, ready to soak it all up!)

I love being a member of the Social Fabric community. The shops that I have done have been so fun. I’m very proud of my work and I know that I can improve even more with the things that I will learn at this conference. I want to meet other members of the #Cbias family.Social Fabric Shops

Each one of these pictures is from a different shop I’ve done!

I was trying to find a way to tell you exactly how much I want to win this. So here’s a little song. Sing it to the chorus of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. If you want to hear me sing it..well…you’re just going to have to choose me to be a winner so I can do it in person!

“Hey, I haven’t met you,

and that’s just crazy!

Here’s my entry

Pick me maybe?!

And all the those other bloggers

are trying to win too,

but here’s my entry

Pick me maybe?!”

So pick me! Choose me! I want to go to the #SoFabCon!!


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