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It’s late and feeling helpless

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Not sure why I am posting this late. Maybe cause I don’t have anyone to call this late that I can talk to. It’s almost midnight and I was awaken to Daniel literally screaming from the other room. He has already taken all the meds he can tonight. This has been one of our worst nights ever in a long time. It was so bad that I tried to make him understand that he needed to calm down for the kids sake, because they would have been scared to death to see him like this. How do you tell someone who is in that amount of pain to calm down? How do you put yourself in their shoes?How do you truly understand what they are going through?

How do you get through a night watching someone you love scream in pain knowing there is nothing you can do for them? I can’t really describe what it’s like watching a grown man turn into someone so helpless. Sometimes it’s really hard being the strong one. Working full time, going with many a night with no sleep sometimes starts to take a toll on you. My blog, my readers are sometimes the only thing that keeps me going. Sometimes I don’t understand why God has given us this journey but I truly believe everything happens for a reason.I received some very good news today at work so naturally it was the perfect time for the Devil to take his toll. I’m not asking you to feel sorry for us tonight, I am only asking you to do one thing! Turn to the one you love and tell them you love them, never take the time you have with them for granted. Be thankful for your health and enjoy the things you have always wanted to do.(enjoy the little things). You never know what’s around the corner.

(for those of you who are new to my blog my husband has AS you can read our “about me“)

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