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Extreme Couponing TLC Show! #extremecouponing #coupons

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When I heard about the new TLC Extreme Couponing Show I was so excited that finally couponers would be recognized for their success in saving money. That was until I watched Good Morning America .  I was horrified, my jaw dropped and I slushed down in my chair.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It portrayed couponers as crazy obsessed hoarders.  It showed all the things that we couponers teach NOT to do at our coupon classes. We have all dumpster dived but I certainly would not show that on National TV.  That will only cause chaos and more and more people doing this, getting hurt and newspapers and recycle centers to start locking their dumpsters due to liabilities and showing your kids in it.  Will it get to the point where we will no longer be able to get coupons this way?  I’d like to say shame on Good Morning America for doing what they did.  They never called any of the sources and  just did their own story.

You see, we couponers have had this negative stereotype over our heads  with stores, cashiers etc.  Most of the time it’s because of a few bad apples who do things like using wrong coupons  for the wrong items, clearing store shelves, not leaving any for others and of course coupon fraud.  I have even stopped linking to certain blogs because they constantly post using coupons the wrong way.  Many of us have worked hard for years teaching “Good Practice Methods” at coupon classes, talking to store managers etc.

I do know that Nathan (who is a very nice person) calls ahead to his local Kroger store to make sure that the store orders enough stock for a sale and they will do special orders for him. I talked to Nathan and had a wonderful conversation with him over the phone and he did say he was a little worried about TLC making it look like he cleared the shelves and how new couponers might get the wrong idea. It’s amazing how much he is able to donate to the needy and that’s what TLC should be focusing on.  So for him let me point out it is NOT OK to clear store shelves.  It causes regular customers to complain to store managers because they do not get the regular sale price, then store managers get mad at couponers and change their rules!  Let me also say it is NOT OK to take coupons off people porches unless you have permission! That is theft.  I did like how Joyce showed you could save money and not clear the shelves.  I am glad they ended with a more positive note with Nathan.

I had hoped that TLC would mention the positive side of couponing.  What you can and shouldn’t do to save money.  I had hoped they would talk about how many moms use couponing to teach their kids the value of money and how they give back to their community.  I had hoped they would talk about offering free coupon classes to their local community to help people fight the rising costs of the economy.

Couponing can be a great source for saving people money but it should not come between family time nor should it take over your home. It should be used in moderation and a way for you to pay it forward to your community.  Stockpiling can be very beneficial to helping you save money but you can go too far.

I am not going to point fingers at those who went on the show but I do hope that TLC will rethink any upcoming episodes they plan on doing and hopefully take some of the things I have mentioned along with other couponers to use in their stories. (Coupon Ethics) I’d love to know what you thought?

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P.S. I know this may stir up a can of worms but I’m ok with that. I will let comments come through as long as they are not degrading and mean. However I will not spend a lot of time responding as I have a full time job, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

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