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Organizing the Royal Kitchen – Part 1

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With adding another adult to the family and now becoming a family of 5 you can collect a lot of shall we say “stuff”. In our home we love kitchen gadgets but our kitchen counter tops were starting to look like a new episode for the show “Lost”.

Cookbooks scattered everywhere, snack bowls over flowing and more. We also have a weird pantry. The  shelves go really far back and you can’t find anything so basically it’s just wasted space that is unusable. You try to pull something out and everything falls on top of you.

I can’t stand clutter and I hate it when you can’t find anything. So much so that it stresses me out. One day while shopping at Walmart I found some really cute see through canisters for around $4 that would look so great sitting on my counter tops. I decided to pull out the things we use the most like sugar,flour,kosher salt as well as our dishwashing tabs to save space in our pantry and make these items more accessible.To keep a limit on how many times the kids were getting into the pantry we bought clear candy jars to organize candy and snacks. They are now accessible to the kids without mom worrying about a tornado going through the pantry and the lids are easy off an on. We also had a huge pile of cookbooks that we organized in the black magazine holders that we found in the office supply isle at Walmart.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to organize your countertops and make them look good.They also have a lot of other items that would help keep your organize. here are a few of my favorites.

What is your favorite Kitchen Organizational Product?

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