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GFF Red Hot Deals 7/11

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GFF_FoodsHere’s your GFF Red Hot Deals!

Locally Grown Sweet Corn 4/$1.00
Mangos 3/$1.00

.50 Produce Deals:

Organic Baby Spinach  5-oz.
Organic Butter Lettuce 5-oz.
Organic Baby Romaine 5-oz.
Zeb Blend 5-oz.
Organic Herb Blend 5-oz.

Sweet Apple & Cheese 5-oz. .59

.69 Produce Deals:

Diced Rainbow Peppers 12-oz.
Diced Red Pepper 12-oz.
Diced Pepper/Onion 12-oz.
Diced Yellow Onion 7-oz.
Diced Red Onion 7-oz.
Assorted Cut Fruit 10 & 16-oz.

Organic Blueberries 6-oz. .89

$1.49 Produce Deals:

Burger Toppers 18-oz.
Broccoli Stir Fry 2-lb.
Beef Stew Kit 32-oz.
Broccoli/Cauliflower 16-oz.
Asparagus/Lemon 24-oz.
Squash Medley 24-oz.
Ka-Bob Veggie/Skewers 24-oz.
Butternut Squash 2.5-lb.
Honey Dew Chunks 2.5-lb.
Honey Dew/Berries 2.5-lb.
Grapes/Berries 2.5-lb.

Driscoll Strawberies 1-lb. $1.50

Produce by the Pound:

Organic Rutabagas .19/lb.
Jacama Root .49/lb.
Chayote Squash .49/lb.
Tomatillos .59/lb.
Red Bananas .59/lb.
Arkansas Roma Tomatoes .69/lb.
Fresh Snow Peas .79/lb.
Sugar Snap Peas .79/lb.
Arkansas Vine Ripe Tomatoes .99/lb

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