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Rewards Programs

Check out the links below to earn free cash or gift cards. All sites have been verified to be safe. Best of all, these sites are all free to sign up.

Swagbucks- Earn all kinds of GC’s just for searching. I have earned a TON of free Amazon GC’s.

Send Earnings-Earn cash I just got $30(one of my faves)

Pinecone Research- Pays you $3 for each survey +plus you can get a chance to test stuff for free.

Mypoints- Get pts for reading email and earn GC’s. I have earned lots of Target and Walmart GC’s ( If you send me your email I can send you a referral link and earn pts)

My Search Bonus-$10 gas cards (several to choose from) for every 1000 points you are GUARANTEED to get a point for each search SIGN UP HERE When you have 500 points or more, a link will appear next to your point balance allowing you to redeem your points. YOU GET REFERRAL POINTS TOO! there is a 50 Search limit per day = 50 points plus any referrals and as long as you are REALLY doing the searches and don’t have any AUTO SEARCH SOFTWARE (which most peoople don’t) you can earn 1000 points in 20 days ($10 gas card) without ANY referrals…




Netwinner-We no longer promote this web site due to the 1,000’s of people they have scamed!!! I lost over $200 in Gift cards on this site!!!!!!

Treasure Troopers- Earn cash

Willie Nelson Search-Earn a FREE year at Nerflix!Search With Willie Nelson is a new Google powered search engine except everytime you Search With Willie Nelson you have a chance to win “Swag Bucks” which can be redeemed for autographs, iPhone’s, mac-books, concert tickets, ipod nanos, instruments, netflix Gift Cards, and much more. Click the following link to register for an account and get a free Swag Buck before you start searching!

I am going for the year at netflix and you can to WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Free Ipods!!Ok so BKOKC2 told me about this site and said she has won several ipods woo hoo!!!You can sign up ( I have earned 2 free Ipods) here:

More infor here:

GOT 5 FRIENDS? Get 25 VISA CARD READ ALL :#1 click thru link and put in your email addy#2 referring friends page: scroll down to bottom and say “no thanks”#3 do a few pages of the questions selecting NO for everything after a few pages I think theysay you are a MEMBER……..or sign up here:

it looks like you don’t have to fill everything out.. you can quit after a few pages

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange Earn cash up to $500 ! Sign up for free just like paypal but this one is FDIC insured. I already transferred $265 to my bank account WooHoo!!



Survey Nation:ADULTS earn points for GC & other things!this site is OPEN and taking REFERRALS RIGHT NOWthey may not be doing this long and state LIMITED AMOUNT OF REFERRALSit is like the one I love for 19 and UNDER WRINSIDERS but this one is FOR ADULTS 18+ ONLYwhen you sign up please use my referral code so I can get a chance at extra points!GO HEREreferral code: Referral Code: 9821005894*********not sure how it all works yet but on WEDNESDAYS I know they award 5000 bonus pointsto some of them.

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