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I Got $99.62 for $11.42 in Groceries & So can You!

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I’ve had several emails after my Homeland post asking how I saved so much money and if I had any good advice about couponing, so I decided to blog a series on  how to coupon.  Every Friday I’ll be blogging 1 of 10 consecutive lessons on couponing and by time we’re done, you’ll be ready to save mega bucks too!


Lesson 1- Coupons: Where to Find Them

Sunday Paper–  There are several places you can obtain coupons your best bet is the Sunday paper.  Every Sunday (excluding holidays) there are usually two coupon inserts, the Smartsource and Redplum.  Once a month (the first Sunday) there is third insert from Proctor & Gamble.  Occasionally, there will be an extra Smartsource or Redplum or inserts from other companies such as General Mills, Campbell’s, and Kelloggs/Keebler.   You want to obtain at least 5 copies of each insert. You can do this by asking your friends and relatives to save them for you or if you subscribe to the paper ask your paper carrier for his extras (they just toss them).  If you have a paper recycling bin near you, ask permission to get the extra Sunday papers (this where the carriers toss them ).  You need the extra copies for stockpiling.  We’ll discuss stockpiling in later a lesson.

Online–  Printables or IP coupons as they’re called are fast becoming the way of the future as far as saving money at the store.  There are so many sources  for coupons online, almost too many to mention here.  A lot of times manufacturer’s will offer coupons on their website but your best bet for coupons are from the following:

This list above contains  just a few of the places you can find printable coupons but it will get you started.

Grocery Store–  Grocery stores can be a treasure trove of coupons if  you know where to look. Here’s some places to look for coupons when you shop:

  • Store ads- many stores will have manufacturer’s coupons or store coupons in their weekly ads or have special coupon fliers in the store.  Usually you’ll find them on display near the entrance.
  • Peelies-  Manufacturer’s will often place coupons right on their products that you can peel off and use.  Peelies can be on boxes, cans and even frozen foods.
  • Tearpads- Another way manufacturer’s entice you to buy their products is to send pads of coupons to retailers.  Stores then place the coupon pads near the intended product for you to tear off and use.
  • Blinkies- When my grand-kids were little they were fascinated with these things.  Blinkie machines are found in the grocery isles, have little blinking red lights and automatically spit out coupons.  Blinkies however, are usually low in value and state do not double.  My store doubles coupons so I don’t use a lot of these. But don’t discount blinkies, especially if the coupons are for something you regularly use. Your store may clearance something down that you can get free with a blinkie.
  • Wine Tags- If your state allows wine to be sold in stores (Okla. does not) then watch for coupons hanging around the neck of the bottles.  Most state you do not have to buy wine to use them.

Magazines- More and more magazines are placing manufacturer’s coupons in their issues. The best magazine hands down for coupons has to be All You.  All You Magazine can only be found at Walmart or obtained by subscription.  Each issue has over $40.00 in coupons!  Right now you can get a FREE 2 issue trial of All You Magazine by clicking  HERE.

Blogs and Message Boards–  Follow a blog or  join a message board to keep up with all the latest coupon deals.  They do all the work for you by searching out places to find coupons such as facebook, manufacturer’s websites etc. and posting in their blog or message forum.

Ok, now that you know where to find coupons go out and get ’em!  Next week we’ll cover how to organize and store those great coupons you’ve scored.


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