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Earth Day Tips for Earth Month

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Earth Month


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 April is Earth Month and we thought it would fun to share some Earth Day tips on how you can be more green The are simple tips that are so easy and many of them will save you some Green. Ha , yes pun intended. Since Earth Day is April 22nd, we didn’t want to wait till the end of the month to give you these tips. We want you to get started now so you can be green all month long!

Green Tips for Earth Day:

  • Use Dish towels instead of paper towels
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of regular ones
  • Use Reuseable shopping bags instead of plastic
  • Switch to low wattage CFL bulbs instead of reg ones.
  • Use natural cleaners such as baking soda & vinegar (See Frugal Tips )
  • Turn those lights off when not in use.
  • Un plug those electricity sucking electronics when not in use
  • Use those stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic bottles
  • Unplug those cellphone charges when not in use
  • Plant a tree
  • Stop the junk mail
  • Use less water,use low flow toilets or make your own.
  • Reduce your water temperature
  • Instead of using paper luggage tags use a reusable one
  • Recycle
  • Utilize public transportation
  • Decrease your speed by 5 miles per hour to help save on gas
  • Move your heaters thermostat down 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer saves over $100 on your annual energy bill.
  • Car pool
  • Let brands who choose to make earth friendly products know that you appreciate them.
  • Sell or donate your old electronics
  • Buy products with less packaging
  • Use cloth diapers instead of disposables
  • Recycle your inkjet cartridges
  • Ceiling Fans- Your ceiling fan should spin counter-clockwise in the summer for you to feel cooler in your house.  During the winter and colder months the fan can be used on a low setting, spinning clockwise to help distribute the warm air form the heater.
  • Conserve Water – If you let the water run till it’s hot in the shower, keep a 5 gallon bucket in the shower when you turn it on and then use that water to water your garden. It doesn’t cost anything and it just takes a few extra minutes of your time.
  • Junk Mail – You can get off the direct mail lists by registering online at

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