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Homemade Glass Cleaner

Homemade Glass Cleaner

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Ever since I started my “Oily Journey ” I have become more aware of the toxic chemicals my family has been coming in contact with. I try to got as natural as possible on somethings but I haven’t quite gone totally all natural yet as I am taking baby steps to help my family adjust to it. I have completely fallen in love with my essentials oils. They kept me from having surgery, helped my husband with migraine as well as pain. Once I started to explore and play with my oils I learned there were so many other uses for them. From Homemade Panaway Bath salts to DIY All Natural Bug Repellant.

Today I am going to teach you how to make Homemade Glass Cleaner using Lemon Essential Oil. Always remember when you use PURE essential oils like Young Living that you should always use a glass container and not plastic. You see, when you use Young Living oils for medicinal purposes it only takes them 3 mins to absorb and they get to work very quickly pulling the toxins out of your body. So you can imagine what happens when you use essential oils in a plastic bottle. You are pulling the toxins out of your plastic and it then mixes with whatever you have made. Eventually eating the plastic.


  • 1 32oz glass bottle
  • 32 drops of Young Living Lemon Essential Oils ( or you can use Lavender)
  • 8 drops of dish soap ( don’t use any with lotions)
  • Equal parts white distilled vinegar to equal parts water ( be careful not to use to much vinegar or you will have a vinegar smell)
  • Funnel


  • Using your funnel pour in the water and vinegar.
  • Add dish soap
  • Add lemon oil & shake.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down.

If you don’t have a 32oz bottle you can just substitute 4 drops of oil for every 4 ounces of liquid and 1 drop of dish soap for every 4 ounces of liquid. Remember that the the FDA says that you only have to have 5-10%  oil to be labeled PURE. That is why I am selective on what I use. want to learn more about Young Living Oils and make a purchase? CLICK HERE!

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