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Make your own doll/friend

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Remember years ago when little stuffed children were used as decorative items? For example some would be facing the corner or they would sit in rocking chairs? Well I made a few dolls/friends for my children using the same idea. (I have boys so we cannot call them dolls).

Here is what I do:

1. Take 1 small child outfit (this will be about the size of your doll/friend) and stuff it. I like to stuff mine with material so it is 100% washable.
2. Find some material that is the color of skin you want your doll to have. Cut out some hands and a head and neck (make the head and neck all 1 piece).
3. Take some little socks and stuff them and sew them onto the bottom of the outfit for feet. You can then add shoes if you want.
4. Find a picture of a friend or family member or your child and crop just the face. Once you have just the face copy it onto an iron on and then iron it onto the face of your doll.  Then stuff the head and neck and attach it to the outfit.
5. You can wither sew on material hair or glue yarn on the head.  (you can always just attach a hat!)

Your doll is finished. It can be as large or as small as you want. This is the perfect way to use all those baby clothes you just cannot part with!

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