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Tips to Protect Your Car from Summer Damage

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 Summer is upon us, and millions of Americans will soon be hitting the road for a weekend getaway or beach vacation. Travelers spend days planning, packing and purchasing for these trips, but one detail is often forgotten – the car.

  • Wash your car regularly – Warm weather means more bugs, construction zones and road projects, which can lead to unsightly and damaging blemishes on your car’s finishes. Regular washes (every week or two) helps prevents bugs, tar and road grime from eroding the finish and becoming long-term fixtures on your vehicle’s exterior.
    • When selecting a car wash product, choose a clean rinsing formula that will not leave water spots and is safe for all finishes.
    • Also look for biodegradable car wash formulas that are environmentally friendly.
    • Do not use dish soap, as it will dull the finish and strip the car of shine.
    • For older, more difficult to remove bugs, road grime or other stains, use products specifically formulated to remove stubborn stains. Look for bug and tar removers or deep cleaners that will penetrate the grime and allow stain removal that won’t scratch or damage the finish.
    • Product recommendations: Zipwax car wash, ICE car wash, Bug & Tar Remover
  • Protect vehicle’s finish from the elements with car wax – Once you have a clean, contaminant-free surface, you should apply car wax to help maintain and protect the vehicle’s exterior. Wax should be applied when water beading diminishes. Not only does waxing restore color and shine, it also provides a slick surface that is more resistant to damage from inclimate weather, bugs, tar and other forms of road grime.
    • When selecting a wax product, look for products that are safe for all finishes and are easy to apply.
    • For longer-lasting results, select a paste polish or wax.  These products require a longer application process than liquid or spray waxes, but offer more durability.
    • Use a car polish or wax that will help guard against the summer sun’s harmful U.V. rays. These products will feature formulas that contain light stabilitators, U.V. inhibitors or nanotechnology to provide protection against UVA/UVB rays and other harmful environmental contaminants.
    • Product recommendations: ICE Spray Wax or ICE Liquid Wax
  • Preserve and protect the interior of your car – The summer sun can have detrimental effects on your car’s dashboard, door panels and other vulnerable interior surfaces. Products that preserve and protect the vehicle’s interior will help maintain the value of the car and keep its color intact.
    • When selecting a protectant, choose a product that will condition and protect all types of interior surfaces, including leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic materials.
    • Look for products that protect against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays to prevent drying, cracking and fading of interior surfaces.
    • It is also important to select a product that will not leave greasy residue after application. (No one wants a slippery steering wheel or gear shift.)
    • Product recommendations: F21 Protectant, ICE Total Interior Protectant


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