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Uses for leftover paper

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 If you’re a couponer who prints coupons from the internet you get a ton of leftover paper.  There are uses for these pieces of paper that you may not have thought of.

1.         First keep a pile of your wasted paper for a couple days.
2.         Cut all the smaller sides off the paper and save (the edges from when you cut out the coupons.)
3.         You may be left with a large rectangle (with or without an ad on it).

You can take the smaller edges and have your children color them and make paper chains.  Paper chains are very simple and the different color ones can be used for parties and even holiday decorations.  (I could not find the color garland I wanted last year for my Christmas tree so we made paper garland and put that on the tree.)

You can take the larger rectangles and staple one side and give it to your children as a drawing pad.

You can cut the rectangles into smaller rectangles and make a shopping list pad when you staple the top of them together.

Maybe a scratch pad for near the phone?

Maybe a small stack of papers cut into squares stapled together to place in your purse for phone numbers or other notes?

How do you repurpose the paper leftover from printing coupons?  Are you ready to print more?  Here are more places to print coupons.

Download the Savings Toolbar.

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