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Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

          Some people spend a lot of money and time in picking out the perfect greeting card every year. It is a shame that after the season most people throw their cards away. Here are some ways you can take those greeting cards and repurpose them:


  1. Take the really cute cards and frame the front for use as Christmas wall art next year.
  2.  Cut out portions of the front and then use a hole punch to make a hole and put a ribbon through the hole and hang on the tree. Instant ornament.
  3. Cut out some of the shapes and then place them on wax paper and iron with a towel over the wax paper to make placemats for Christmas dinner.
  4.  Save old cards year round to make different art project or even collages. The gift cards are thicker so they hold glue better than the magazines and do not rip as bad.
  5. Cut the back off the greeting card and it there is nothing written on the inside of the front you could use that portion of the card as a Christmas postcard next year.    Think about this for other holidays also.
  6. Cut out the letters or the words and play a game seeing who can make up the most unusual words or sentences with the phrases.
  7. Cut out the phrases or letters and let younger children “write” a letter to a family member or a friend out of state.
  8.  Cut out the faces of Santa, Angels or Snowmen and insert pictures of your family. They make neat unusual photo frames for face pictures.
  9. Use the pictures on the cards or the edges of the cards as a photo frame to go around pictures.
  • What are your favorite uses for old greeting cards?
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