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Yep, I made it…DIY Flower Shirt!

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I love all of the cute shirts that are in style with the fun embellishments! Only problem is I don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe. So I dug in my drawers and found a plain shirt that I haven’t worn in a while. My husband was throwing away one of his white shirts because it had a few small stains.  With a little creativity I made that cute shirt! Want to know how?! I’ll show you!

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Here’s what I started with.

I cut the circles out of the white shirt (I know the picture makes it look kind of blue.) I used a shot glass to trace. The end you drink out of made the bigger circle and the middle circle is the bottom of the glass. The smallest circle I just free handed. I ended up using 10 large circles, 5 middle sized circles and 3 small ones.

Fold the circles in half. Form the folded circles into a ring with the folds on the inside. Pin them to the shirt. Now sew along the folds following the ring.

Repeat the following. As you can see from the picture above, it looks pretty even with 2 rows! So if you want to stop there go ahead. If you want a fuller flower add more rows. I added one row of medium circles and then I took the small circles and sewed them in the center without folding.

Now you can stick to one flower or add multiple flowers. Make different sizes and colors!

Share pictures of what you created with us!


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