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National Coupon Month Day 19: Tips For Shopping With Children

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WOW! It’s already day 19 of National Coupon Month and today we’re gonna discuss shopping with children.

Many people give up on couping after just one trip to the store with their kids! Especially when you first start using coupns, screaming & fighting kids, unwanted items getting thrown into your cart or having to keep an eye on a wandering child can reek havoc on your concentration. It’s made many a couponer throw up their hands and leave the store (with their children of course lol!)

Here’s a few tips that will help make shopping with kid’s a little easier

  1.  Always make sure you have a written list of the things you want to buy.  Let your kids know you will be buying only what is on the list. This way you’ll stay organized and you won’t buy a lot of things you don’t need. It will help you focus on what you need to buy so you don’t get distracted and miss something.
  2.  For small children pack a snack bag for the kiddos and have a small toy (that you bought on sale with a coupon of course) that they only get to play with on shopping trips. When you get home put the toy up until the next time. This will help keep the toy new to them and they’ll be excited to go shopping because they know they’ll get to play with it. If you spend extra money on snacks and toys while shopping to keep the kids entertained it defeats the purpose of using coupns to save!
  3. Let older children help you shop. Give them the coupns and let them find the products for you. You might want to have them scan the ad for things they like that you have coupns for and let them choose something to put in the cart. This will keep them busy and out of your hair so you can shop in peace.

If you have any tips to help keep one’s sanity while shopping with kids let us know!

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