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Free Veggie Patch Coupon Do not Post/Use

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I get people who email me coupons all the time in a PDF form asking if these are OK. You have to be very careful about using manufacturer coupons that are posted as a PDF file. There was a recent Facebook offer for Free Veggie Patch product. That offer has since expired but the coupon is still being circulated and posted. If you still have the original coupon you printed it is safe to use.I contacted the company to see what they had to say and here is what Emily from tribe Mediterranean Foods said:


Thank you for writing to us.

The free product coupon was up on our Facebook page for several weeks, and for some reason was just picked up by several coupon/freebie sites last week. The coupon promotion on our Facebook page has ended. The coupon that is circulating is indeed our coupon, though it was not intended for mass distribution.

Please feel free to reach out with any other questions.

Thank you,

Emily Blair

Consumer Relations Manager

Tribe Mediterranean Foods, Inc.

There is also some BJ Wholesale coupons circulating for free cornbread and free Bananas ( someone sent these to me in email to ask if they were valid, THANK YOU) and these were meant for new members only and not to be shared.When you Print and Share Offers like these it only hurts everyone.It causes brands to think twice about offers they want to put out there. It also causes stores to change coupon policies etc. You maybe getting something free for the moment but in the long run you will be hurting yourself and other couponers.

It’s so hard to know what coupons out their are fraudulent these days so it’s up to us to work together and help each other out. We will try to keep you up to date when we can and we want you to keep us in the loop as well.

Want to get more educated on Coupon Fraud? Check out our Article.

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