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Black Friday 2011 Etiquette Tips

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A couple of weeks ago I posted my Black Friday tips for you and this week as we get closer to that dreadful shopping day , I wanted to really focus on all those things we hate about Black Friday,Rude People! I have put together 10 tips on Black Friday etiquette that I would love everyone to read. Remebering these tips can help us all have a better shopping experience!

Black Friday Etiquette:

  • Never stand in line only to have 10 of your closest friends and relative show up to cut in line at the last minute. Many people get up early to get inline and get the items they need. They can get up early and wait in line just like the rest of them
  • Don’t be greedy and take more than your fair share. Remember their are other people who are trying to afford Christmas for their kids too.
  • Pushing, shoving and running someone over is not worth saving $10.Be considerate of those around you.
  • Don’t Bang on the door before the store opens. There is usually a sign with a time to open and unless your GOD you will just have to wait.
  • Don’t take up more than 1 parking space and don’t park in handicapped parking if your not handicapped. Being handicapped in the brain does not qualify LOL.( meaning you think your special)
  • PLEASE PLEASE leave your kids at home. This is not a time to be shopping with your kids. You certainly don’t want them getting lots, hurt or find them tearing up the store in the mass chaos.
  • Please be nice to your cashier and always say please and thank you.

Black Friday Etiquette for Store Employees:

  • Get organized! Make sure you have a plan on how to get shoppers in and out more efficiently.
  • Make sure you have clear , marked signs posted in your store stating any rules or policies you have.
  • Make sure you are well staffed. Have enough check out lines open as well as enough staff to watch lines and answer questions.
  • When you open the door to your store, be considerate in who was standing in line first. Don’t go open the opposite door , only to have people who waited in the car jump in that line when you had people who got up at 3am and have been camped out at the other door. (I have seen this happen a lot)
Walmart does a great job on Black Friday( at least mine does). They have Black Friday items spread through out the store to help with traffic flow. They have extra employees to stand and watch lines. They passed out snacks and samples to keep shoppers energized and we even had employees pass out bells and sing Christmas carols with us in line which helped pass the time. they could still have more checkout lanes opened though.
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