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Edible Arrangements FREE Delivery On Feb 12

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Edible Arrangements

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Edible Arrangements are a great option to the normal candy and flowers on Valentine’s Day.  If you know your loved one is watching their weight you do not need to sabotage their efforts to give them something sweet for the holiday.  Right now Edible Arrangements is offering FREE shipping for orders delivered on February 12th. when you enter code VDAY2014 at checkout.  Now this may sound odd but you can either 1) remember it is the thought that counts and not the actual date on the calendar or 2) do something both days such as a Edible Arrangement on the 12th and a little something on the actual holiday so as to extend Valentine’s Day!

So tell me would you object to getting a Valentine’s Day gift early?  I know many of us are frugal so knowing that the giver of your gift could save $$ and still get you the exact same item would it bother you that the gift was sent 2 days early?  personally I think it is the thought that counts and I would just be happy that someone thought enough of me to get me something ~Princess Karen

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