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Resolving to Lose Weight?

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The most popular New Year’s Resolution is the one where people resolve to lose weight and diet. We all know deep down inside that dieting is not healthy and eating a well balanced diet is better for us. I decided to look for some tasty, yet convenient Made in Oklahoma foods that will help us have our favorite foods and hopefully trim out waistlines as part of a well balanced diet. Many of these foods also have coupons available on their websites.

1. Hiland Dairy- has some very tasty cottage cheese and yogurt. Both of which make a quick and healthy snack on the go.

2. Fast Fixin- has some excellent Flame Roasted Chicken Breast that is perfect in many ways. Also, did you know that Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets have as much calcium as a glass of milk? Don’t forget to join Fast Fixin Fanatics to get money savings coupons and a newsletter that includes tips, recipes and sometimes contests!!

3. Chef’s Requested Foods- has many low calorie options. They recently came out with 97% Extra Lean Filet of Beef Roast, 97% Extra lean Diced Steak Tips and 100 Calorie Flat iron Grill Steaks (Which is American Heart Association certified). Don’t forget there are still the Bacon wrapped filet of beef steaks that are portion controlled and the Filet Mignon. Don’t forget to sign up for the Chef’s Requested Foods newsletter to get tips, recipes and money savings coupons from them. The newsletter is only mailed out once a month.

4. Bar S- Bar S- has an Extra Lean Cooked Ham that would be a great meat to put on some whole wheat bread for a quick sandwich.

5. Shawnee Mills- has some very tasty mixes, flours and corn meals that mean that making homemade or semi-homemade foods are a snap and very tasty.

While I chose to focus on Made in Oklahoma foods here I know there are many others. What are your favorite convenient yet healthy foods to feed your families?

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