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Aisle50 – Is It Worth It??

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aisle50First of all, if you’re not familiar with Aisle50, it’s like Groupon but for grocery items.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select Aisle50 deal
Click the Buy button.

2. Checkout at Aisle50
Enter your grocery store loyalty card number and we’ll quickly ensure that it’s valid. Then enter your credit card information and you’re done. The Aisle50 product will be loaded to your loyalty card.

3. Go to the Store
Grab the product you’ve purchased on Aisle50 and toss it in your cart.

4. Swipe your loyalty card at checkout
Swipe your loyalty card at checkout and the deal items will be discounted on your receipt. In other words, the deal items will be discounted because you’ve already paid for the item at Aisle50.

We get asked a lot at our coupon classes if Aisle50 is worth doing at Homeland. Our answer is yes, you just have to weigh each deal and see if it it works for you.

For example, one of the deals being offered is $5.00 off 3 jars of Jif Peanut Butter which makes them 3/$5.00 or $1.67 ea. Now, we seldom get coupons for Jif and $1.67 for a jar of peanut butter is a good deal (especially if Jif is your brand).

Another deal is to get $10.00 worth of Louisiana Fish Fry for $5.00. The Fish Fry is $1.69 at most Homeland stores so that’s approximately 6 packs ($10.14 before $5 discount). With the discount it makes the fish fry around .83 ea. There just happens to be $1.00/2 coupons for the Fish Fry right now and since you cannot use coupons with Aisle50 deals it might be better to buy 2 at Homeland with double coupon (.69 each)

So you see, it just depends on what deals are being offered and what coupons are available. BUT it’s always good to be a member because you never know what deals may come along 😉

aisle50_dealsPositive things about Aisl50:

  1. You get offered FREE items like Snicker’s Bars and Coke 2-liters
  2. You get deals on items you may not have coupons for
  3. You can refer friends and get FREE deals and/or gift cards
  4. You get offered discounts on deals

Negative things about Aisle50

  1. Usually only certain varieties of the product being offered is good for the deal and you have to wade through a list of accepted UPC numbers and then search for them at the store.
  2. You can’t use coupons with Aisle50 deals

To sign up with Aisle50 and get a FREE 2-liter Coke CLICK here. You’ll need your Homeland ONE card number to complete the sign up process. If you’ve already signed up but haven’t gotten your FREE Coke yet just click the same link and enter your ONE card number 🙂

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