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Shopping Crest Foods

Crest-Logo-300x139 Here’s some general information about Crest Foods that will help make your shopping there a little easier:

  1. Crest does not publish weekly sales flyers. We try to get to Crest and walk the aisles at least once a week and post the deals we find. If you find a great deal at your location email it to and we’ll get it posted. A picture of the item would be great too ;)
  2. Crest does not double coupons, but they frequently have items you can score for really cheap or free without doubling.
  3. Crest accepts internet coupons BUT will not accept internet coupons for “free” items or coupons over $3.00 off an item.
  4. Crest does not give overage. Most of their registers automatically adjust the coupon value to the price of the item.
  5. ALWAYS check expirations dates. Many times an item will be on sale for CHEAP because it is about to expire.
  6. Crest’s pricing is comparable to Walmart. They are lower on some things and higher on others so it pretty much evens out.
  7. Crest offers GREAT values on meat compared to Walmart and Homeland’s regular prices.
  8. Crest does not allow stacking of coupons (can’t use a Crest store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon together to purchase one single product)
  9. Crest often fill shopping carts with items you can score for cheap with or without coupons so look for them around the store.
  10. Crest prices and sales can vary between stores but for the most part they are the same.
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