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 The Message Boards:

The message boards is a place where members share deals with each other. This is a place for you to come and meet other people who have joined and interact with one another. Here you will find freebies,coupons, shopping deals,household tips, basic chats, prayers and more! Click here to go to the message boards:

**Message Board Introduction & Help for Newbies **

Welcome to Message Boards !

This is a guide for new member of our Web Site. This is a work in progress so please bear with us.

1. Edit your profile to include your name and state.

2.Post in the new member forum and introduce yourself as a new member.

3. To post a New Topic just hit “New Topic” on the left top corner of the page.

4. To reply just click on the topic your intrested in and hit ” Post Reply ” on the bottom left hand corner of the page.

5. Read the the Forum news and the Announcements forums for different Important information about our Web Site.

6. To return to the main page of the forum when navigating any page just click ” Board Index” On the top left.

7. To return to the forum page after reading a topic in the forum just click on the forum “name ” at the top left. Such as “Cvs” or “Freebies” etc.

8. You can add an avitar which is a picture you can use for your profile by clicking on User CP.

9. You can add your name, state, quote, or savings etc to your signature by clicking on user CP

10. We do not allow and kind of Referral links or advertising links unless you have Ok’ed it through the board Administaror. The only referral links are from the board Administrator that goes to help keeping this board FREE for everyone.

Our Forums:

1.When posting a new deal or freebie also ways use the search feature to check and see if that deal has been posted already. If your deal or freebie has an EXP date please put that in the title.

2. If you see an expired deal, link or freebie please alert the moderator for that forum.

3. If you have a problem with one of the members in our forum please take it up with one of our moderators or the Board administrator. Please do not post publicaly.

Explination of certain Forums for Deals.

Our Forums are broken up into Categories. You just have to know what topic you are looking for and click on the appropriate category to see the Deals.

The freebie is a place to post or find completly free items that companies are offering. All are legit offers. When you are registering for our Web Site always use your REAL email address. When you sign up for freebies and offers use a junk email address. This will be very helpful.

Online Only Deals :
This forum is a place to find or post online shopping deals. Shopping codes etc. Before shopping online make sure to check this forum to see if we have a link posted. Shopping through our links helps keep this site free!! Before posting a deal in this forum please make sure to click on the topic: **STOP**!!!!PLEASE USE OUR ONLINE SHOPPING LINKS!!!!!
See if we have a link here that you can post along with your deal.

Surveys & Rewards Programs:
This is a great place to find some of the awsome sites the Consumer Queen uses to make extra money or earn free Gift Cards. All links posted here have been researched and are legit.

Shopping by Store :

Ok this Category has a list of different forums and topics. All stores are done by Categorys on the type of Retail store they are. You can click on each category to find a list of stores. If you don’t see your faveorite store listed let us know!



You can also check out our blog for even more good deals!!

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