PR & Advertising is one of the largest websites of it’s kind. The site receives over 200,000 visitors per month and has proven to be a great asset to advertisers.

Website founder, Melissa Garcia is a weekly radio guest with Jack & Ron, the host of Oklahoma’s #1 morning show. Jack & Ron can be heard weekdays from 6:00 – 10:00am on Oklahoma City’s 98.9 KYIS FM. Melissa has also done several news stories. Melissa has also been featured in several newspaper and magazine articles.Melissa is a Deal Pro and All You Magazine Savings Star. The Consumer Queen has over 12 years of media and interview experience.

Did you know that each blog post has the potential of 57,000 views on Twitter? We have collaborated a group of women who are helping each other by posting to their Twitter streams.

I am focusing on my goal to one day work from home for myself. I have built up my readership over time making Consumer Queen a brand as well as their trust and have worked hard doing so. Please respect my blog as my business.

*Need Help with putting together a promotion? Want to hire the ConsumerQueen?*

We can offer a wide range of promotions to help your business grow! Email what your budget is and we can put together something for you!

Some Suggestions but not limited too:

  • Monthly Blog Roll Banner (125×125 button)
  • Printable Coupon
  • Monthly 300×250 Banner Ad
  • Sponsored Blog Post (this also goes out to all of our subscribers by email + social)
  • Giveaways (this also goes out to all of our subscribers by email+ social)
  • Videos
  • Twitter Party
  • Blogger Campaigns and more!

*We also have an Expert Mom Panel that help us with reviews* If you would like to send products for our Mom Panel to review as well please let me know!

If you would like to advertise, have your product reviewed,or sponsor a giveaway, please contact me with your pitch or from our pricing sheet!

Ad Space:



PR/Product Reviews/Giveaways :

 First of all let me say that all Press Releases will be deleted! If you want me to read your email let me know up front what it is you are proposing! I get hundreds of email everyday!

Product Reviews: I do not charge for product reviews but I do require that a product is sent, Because I cannot give an honest review without actually haveing used the product.  My readers trust that I give an honest review wether good or bad.

For Higher End Reviews please visit our blog at RedCarpetMamas

Giveaways: There is a lot of work that goes into a giveaway! As a good friend pointed out to me and I quote”create the design, the contest, the elements, and the content, run it, monitor the entries for validity and to make sure no one is cheating, and then contact the winner(s) and get back to you with that info.“

I will no longer do giveaways for cents off coupons on my blog, I am getting so many requests that I need to pick and choose what I post.I will how ever use them for a giveaway in our newsletter if you like. *Please remember that when emailing me your pitch!*

Companies we work with include:



*Families With Purpose


*Pure Digital


*Step 2




*Baskin Robbins




*Simple Salutations


*Small World Toys


* Home Clickin


*Oklahoma City Zoo


* Fast Fixin


*Pages In Time


* Dirt Devil


* Nickelodeon






*Presidents Cheese


*Dr.'s Foster and Smith


*Home Depot


*Screen Life Games




*Build A Bear




*Office Max






*Little Debbie


*Sister Schuberts




*Kimberly Clark


*Cedar Valley Publishing




*Healthy Ones


*Pizza Hut


*Learning Tower




*K-9 Confections




*Earths Best Baby  Food


* Tropicana


* Uncle Bens


* K9 Confections


* HP


*Frito Lay


















*Carl's Jr.




















*Murphy USA


My goal is to one day work from home.


For More Information please contact Melissa Garcia, via email at Melissa@consumerqueen.


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