April Fool’s Day Pranks!

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Every year I think, “What a waste. It’s April Fool’s Day, and I didn’t plan anything!” Not this year! This year I am fully prepared to wage a mostly innocent war with those I know  and love most (or at least love most of the time! LOL!) At any rate, If I’m going to be successful in pulling off a prank it needs to be low prep, low mess, and most of all- it needs to have a low chance of truly offending someone. We all know someone who doesn’t appreciate our sense of humor quite as much as we deserve, because let’s face it, we know I’m we’re pretty funny! Here are just a few tricks to keep those around us on their toes this April Fool’s Day!

Coffee Prank

Pretend Snot

Candy in a Fruit Can

Doughnut Seeds

Consider Yourself Peeped!

Googly Eyes on Everything

The Ole Picture in the Toilet

Hidden Tailgate Poster

 There’s no pictures for these, but check out these April Fool’s Pranks!

  • When your kids are sleeping, switch them into each other’s bed.

  • Switch the bags inside two boxes of cereal

  • Open a bag of Cheetos from the bottom, swap the Cheetos for carrot slices, then glue it back together. Or any other kind of chips!

  • Super glue a couple of coins to the ground outside

  • Take a pin and poke holes around the top of the water bottle. When they drink from it the water will come pouring out of the holes.

  • Sprinkle salt on toothbrushes or put a little bit of food coloring in the bristles.

Have any favorites? Let us know!

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