DIY Mason Jar Ring Wreath Ornaments

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Take a look at these easy and inexpensive DIY Mason Jar Ring Wreath Ornaments!  These came together pretty quick and the whole family was able to help. They are perfect for a fun Christmas activity for the kids.  The only limit to these is your own imagination!

We were actually on the hunt through endless DIY ornament ideas for a fairly sturdy and easy homemade Christmas ornaments.  We have family overseas we wanted to send them to, so our ornaments could not be fragile in any way.  These Mason Jar Ring Wreaths are lightweight yet not breakable, and probably take supplies you already have lying around the house!


We started with old Mason jar lids of course, some ribbon, and some lightweight cotton batting. The cotton batting wasn’t necessary and we didn’t use it on the smaller rings, but it gives some more thickness to your wreath ornaments if you do use it.  I just cut about 1″ strips and wrapped it around.

You will need a hot glue gun, scissors and any embellishments you choose. These doilies were perfect but ended up being too large for our ornaments. Will use next time. 😉 The smaller ribbon spools pictured run only about 25¢-50¢ and are perfect for this project.

These come together very simply. Basically you’re just wrapping everything around the mason jar ring, and gluing where ever you need to!  The hot glue gun wasn’t used by the kids, but they can pretty much do everything else. I did one and showed them how, and just corrected the ribbon on theirs as they worked.  About every other loop around the ring I added a dot of hot glue.  For the larger lids, cut about 3′ of ribbon.  5/8″ – 1″ width works well.


We just picked a spot and started wrapping around the cotton batting (on the larger rings only) and then glued where needed.  The kids loved picking out the ribbon to use for the first layer.


After the first layer of ribbon was done, it was really up to us as to how to decorate the wreath ornaments.  We had some greenery I had left over from another project, which went well with the red and white.  We did end up making some girly pink ones too!

You can use whatever you have, no need to go out and purchase supplies. Yarn, or even burlap string would look great!  You could always use embroidery thread for the hangers.  The best part about these is that you can get creative and just see what looks nice.  I love the buttons!  These all turned out great and I am sure it will brighten our family members’ Christmas tree.


Here are a few of the finished products! Hope you get to try this project too.  It was a lot of fun.

Happy Holidays!
~ Princess Rebekah ~

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