DIY Halloween Craft: Pizza Pan Pumpkin! Great craft for the kids and under $5!

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Halloween Craft: Pizza Pan Pumpkin! 

DIY Halloween pizza pan pumpkin

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DIY Halloween Craft: Pizza Pan Pumpkin! 

It’s craft time!! I love Halloween crafts. Again I was walking through the dollar store, probably my favorite place to find craft supplies, and I found myself staring at this pizza pan wondering what I could do with it! That’s when I had my ah-ha moment. It’s magnetic so I can turn it into a magnetic jack-o-lantern for the kids. It does double duty as a decoration and a toy! So here’s the low down on how to make this adorable pumpkin for just a couple of bucks!

First the supplies. A pizza pan, paint, black felt, magnets, glue gun, paint brush and maybe some scraps of fabric if you have them!

Paint the entire pizza pan. It takes at least 3 coats. Make sure it is dry in between coats. You can leave it all orange or add more detail. When it was all dry I sprayed it with a clear spray, or you could use modge podge.

While that is drying cut of fun jack-o-lantern shapes from black felt. These felt squares are cheap, like $.30 a square!

When you are done cutting shapes hot glue on the magnets. I used magnetic tape strips, they were only $1 at Walmart and I used less than half the package. I liked that I could easily cut the strips to fit, but the tape on the back was not strong enough so you have to still glue it.

You are almost done. Now all you need to do is do any additional decorating to the pumpkin. I added a stem and vines. And add a ribbon or something to hang it up with. I actually used a drill to drill holes into the pan (Honestly I just really wanted to use power tools!). I’m sure you can glue a ribbon on to hang it up.

That’s it! Pretty easy and inexpensive….and cute If you have any crafty ideas send them my way!


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