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Celebrate the Everyday with P.F. Changs & Bertolli Meals at Home!

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You can now #CelebrateTheEverydayWM with Bertolli and P.F. Chang’s frozen dinners, available at Walmart.  If you haven’t yet tried these great brands, you’re missing out.  I love these meals for their convenience on a busy week night, and of course their great taste! Whether you are wanting Italian or Asian Cuisine, these meals will hit the spot.

If you are honoring an occasion or just enjoying a quiet evening at home with your special someone you can still have a great dinner without spending hours in the kitchen.  There’s nothing like coming in from a busy workday and having dinner on the table without all the chopping, prepping and mixing!  That’s why I love having P.F Chang’s and Bertolli’s meals at home. With the time I’ve saved on dinner prep, I’ve been able to throw together a batch of chocolate chip cookies or even have a pan of brownies ready for dessert. With our lives so busy these days, making time to sit down to have dinner together is a priority for us. We want to celebrate life with the people we love the most every day we can.

If my husband knows we have a P.F. Chang’s meal in the freezer, he will be sure to mention it sometime during the week.  And Ladies, he’s even been known to volunteer to make dinner when I let him know it’s what I’m in the mood for. We all know nothing tastes better than the food that someone else has thoughtfully prepared for us, and that my friend, is a reason to celebrate! We absolutely love the Frozen Beef and Broccoli flavor too.  You don’t need to alter the recipe at all, they are just great as they are.  We have always said there’s no need to go through the drive thru and grab take-out if we have a P.F. Chang’s meal in the freezer; so I always try to keep my freezer stocked.

If you prefer Italian Cuisine, check out Bertolli’s Frozen Chicken Florentine. This is a favorite of mine because it also comes in a Family Size which means I can have my choice of fixing a dinner for 2 or for the whole family since this just happens to be a dish everyone loves.  Pick some up the next time you’re at Walmart, you won’t be sorry!



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