Check Out the Olympic Color Center at Your Local Lowe’s

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Taylors Room

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Olympic Paint and I was compensated for my time in creating it.

As a mom you never think about your children leaving home. My daughter is 19 and just moved out of our house last week and into her own apartment. While I am certainly going to miss her, I am not going to miss the lime green and blue walls in that room lol. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to use the room for because honestly I was still trying to get over that she was gone. However her brother felt differently, he was already ready to take over her room. He wanted to turn it into a game room , my husband wanted a man cave and I wanted a photography room. I decided to compromise and turn it into a media room.

Olympic Color Center

First things first , I had to do something about the wall color. I ran to my local Lowe’s to check out some different paint. There I found the Olympic Color Center.

Olympic Color Choose By Style

There was so much to choose from and usually I get really overwhelmed when I am choosing a new paint color however, Olympic had a whole ” Choose by Style ” section that gives you examples of what colors look good together as well as coordinating colors  that you can use for accents.

Olympic Color Samples

After looking at a few of the pamphlets they had, we ended up narrowing it down to these three. Next I will be getting some small paint samples to actually test out on the walls to help me narrow down my choices. Stay tuned as I will be doing two more posts with the before and after pictures.

Olympic Mood Board

If you had a choice between the three above what would you choose?  Here is an idea of what theme I am going with. Sort of a rustic farmhouse man cave. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest.

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