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Fun Pet Activities + See The Pack: New on Amazon Prime Video!

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“Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Amazon Prime Video.”

Chloe with BabbleBox

The Pack Amazon Prime Video – New Release!

Calling all pet parents and dog lovers! ivermectin how does it affect eyes? I am excited to share news about Amazon Prime Video’s Release of The Pack, which premiers on Friday, November 20th!

We absolutely love dog movies and shows around here, so this one will be a must-see. Check out the description below from Prime Video!

BabbleBox, open and pet toys inside

SERIES BACKGROUND: The Pack is a new global unscripted series that celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their human companions. Hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her canine co-host Lucy, the series features twelve teams of dogs and their humans on an epic adventure across multiple continents. At stake is a life-changing $750,000 for the winning duo and their charity, $500,000 to the winners, plus an additional $250,000 prize amount for the animal charity of their choice.

BabbleBox Open - The Pack Amazon Prime Video

We had fun introducing our dogs to these Babbleboxx goodies and finding out more about The Pack.

The Importance of Bonding and Playtime to Our Dogs:

Just as a little background, we have several rescue dogs at home. There’s something a little extra special about raising and training a rescue. ivermectina laboratorio chile It requires a lot of extra patience, love and attention! Some of our rescues are older, and two have had a traumatic past.

BabbleBox My pack - Introducing The Pack Amazon Prime Video

As we took care of our rescue dogs in the beginning, establishing trust was a big step! We had to have intentional, regular play time. Establishing boundaries and having a good routine helped our pets, too.

It’s fun to just sit and relax with the dogs at home, but getting them out and exercising and playing is a must. Even smaller dogs benefit from activity, just like us humans. ivermectin for dogs best price

We have to be careful with our older dog since he does have some health issues that are getting worse, and he does not have enough stamina for long walks and lots of exertion anymore. That’s part of it though! We had to basically just meet the dogs where they were at in terms of health and bad habits. Over time, the dogs learned to rely and trust us and have settled into their forever home!

If you’re considering adopting a rescue, my advice is to do your homework first. Have a plan to bond, train, and help your pet settle into their new environment, and research the breed itself for more tips.

A Packed Weekend: Fun Deals and Experiences for You and Your Pet to Promote Bonding!

isabella in tunnel - Enjoying Babblebox from The Pack Amazon

Do you struggle with ideas for quality time with your dog? Be sure to check out the Packed Weekend Event. Find great deals on pet essentials, and some fun ways to spend time with your pet.

This is a 3 day event, so stop in when you’re browsing during downtime, or when you’re shopping online for your usual Amazon must-haves.

Head over to the Packed Weekend Event for more!

Thanks for reading! Hope you can catch The Pack Amazon Prime Video Premier! Stay a while and read more about our dogs and our favorite thing to do with our pets- Travel!

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