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KFC $10 Chicken Share Option for Game Day Parties

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`KFC $10 Chicken Share

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by KFC. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

There’s nothing that says BRING IT ON like hosting a party. What I mean, is BRING ON THE STRESS! I’m all for having a few of my closest people over, but the thought of planning it gets to me every stinking time! Music or TV? Wait, isn’t there a game coming up? Yeah, we’ll watch the game. Who drinks what? What am I going to feed them? Everyone could bring something- pot luck style, but then who is bringing what? Those are not the kinds of details I want to keep track of. Those are the things my wife does. Not me. Anything that looks like it might require a list has me moon-walking my way out of what could have been the ultimate get-together! And that stinks!


When KFC launched their $10 Chicken Share option I saw the answer to my problems. Well, my preparation problems anyways. The only planning required is for me to ask, “Self, do you want Original or Extra Crispy? Do you want Chicken Tenders or Popcorn Nuggets?” Now, that’s what I’m talking about! The $10 Chicken Share bucket is a shorter, heftier companion to the traditional KFC bucket and can be filled with nine Extra Crispy™ Chicken Tenders; six pieces of fried chicken; enough Popcorn Nuggets for two; or, where available, 12 Hot Wings™—all freshly, hand prepared by cooks in KFC restaurants all day, every day.

kFC chicken share

KFC Chicken Share Collage

Now, thanks to KFC’s $10 Chicken Share option-Game night is no longer bring on the stress; it’s just “BRING IT ON!” Because there’s just nothing like watching the game surrounded by my closest friends. You know the kind of loyal comrade I’m talking about. We may not all root for the same team, but you better believe they’ve got your back. Rain or shine, they show up. They’ll be there faster than your order will be ready at the KFC drive through window, and that’s saying a lot! Tailgating inside or outside, it’s not just a party, it’s a tradition.

KFC Collage

You can also bet I’ll be keeping this sweet deal in my back pocket to surprise my wife with a night off from dinner duty. Bring on the Brownie Points!

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  1. I would fill my share bucket with Tenders for me and my husband and nuggets for the kids. Then we would order Mac and cheese , biscuits and mashed potatoes and gravy. Lol

  2. We have 11 at our house so we might need 3 share buckets for our orders. My family likes all of the things in the bucket. We have 4 teenagers so they will eat anything called food especially chicken.

  3. I would fill my $10 chicken share with the 6 piece chicken . When chicken is this good, you don’t need anything else.

  4. Omg..Grilled Chicken Breast! My absolute favorite, though we only get KFC once every 2 years or so. I love their buscuits and their cole slaw too.. @Purodecorizon/Twitter.com

  5. Definitely the strips. I’ll share on FB and Twitter using the google link you listed. I have a family of 5 and I’m self employed so free food that everyone would like is a huge deal.

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