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All About Zaycon Fresh for New Customers + Coupon Code!

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If you’re wondering about Zaycon Fresh, check out all the details right here! I buy all my skinless, boneless chicken breast from Zaycon Fresh, and love the quality and buying experience.  Zaycon Fresh is a meat co-op, meaning the products are purchased in bulk, directly from the source with no middle-men.  This allows for a lower price for the consumer (you and me!) and a fresher product than you may find at the grocer.

Zaycon Fresh is a nationwide meat co-op, so even if you’re not located near central Oklahoma (where I am) you can still get these great and fresh products!  Here are a few pointers and details:

  • You can order your meat selection for a pickup date up to 14 months from now.
  • You must order meats in bulk, generally in 40 lb. cases at a time.  Many families will split a case, and this may be a good choice for you if you’re not used to the idea of preparing and/or freezing 40 lbs. of meat!
  • Sale offerings change throughout the year.  For example, fresh skinless boneless chicken breast is offered a couple times per year, the most recent being in February.
  • At the specified date and time of pickup, a refrigerated truck will arrive at your pickup location (you get to choose off the menu where you will pick up, when you order your products).
  • Most pickup locations are in the parking lot of a private business or organization.  My pickup location is a nearby church.
  • You drive to your pickup location, and their friendly staff will load your products for you right into your car.
  • You don’t have to get out of your car, just pull up in line and when it’s your turn just roll down the window and give the staff member your name and let them know where you would like your case loaded. They do provide plastic protectors so the raw chicken or meats do not damage your car’s interior.
  • Drive home with your order!
  • My experience has been that the chicken is very cold, but not frozen.  So be ready to prepare your chicken, whether in freezer bags to make freezer meals, directly into the slow cooker or oven, or my go to: into the food saver bags and into the freezer!
  • Feel free to read the FAQ to help answer additional questions on their website.

As you can see I like to pack the chicken in meal sized portions.  Sometimes it’s nice to have freezer meals ready to go, but this is just as easy and you can work pretty fast dividing up that 40 lb. case!  Freezer bags or food saver bags work equally well, however I would suggest a good quality bag since most of the meat will spend a long time in the freezer.

So, why buy from Zaycon Fresh instead of the store or bulk shopping center? I think the quality is what stands out the most with Zaycon Fresh.  You do get the farm fresh product which hasn’t been shipped frozen.  It comes directly from the farm, so it’s fresher of course.  One friend noticed the size and quality of the chicken breast was quite a bit better than store bought chicken breast.  The color was even better in her case!  I have had great experience with Zaycon Fresh products that I’ve purchased.

The pickup option is convenient, and I’ve never had any problems with the payment or pickup process.  They do have coupon codes periodically so I have learned to be sure and purchase during one of their promos! However even without a coupon code, the cost is still great and much less than grocery store pricing.

How do I order, you may ask?

Ordering is really easy!  Be sure head over here and set up a (free) account with your email and contact information. I do opt in to the text alerts, since they will send out a reminder text the day before your pickup date.  This is a nice since pickup dates are usually during the week and I wouldn’t want to forget it!

Log on to the Zaycon site and shop by location or product.  I usually start with location first.  Find details on meats being offered in your area, and click “on sale now”.  Add as many cases as you need, and be sure you enter your coupon code if you have one.  When you sign up for emails, Zaycon sends out new coupon code information to your inbox. 🙂

At secure checkout, enter payment info and get confirmation number.  You will get an email but no need to print out the record for your pickup.  Just keep for your own records.Pickup your order at the specified date and time!

See prices and promo code below.  Remember, promo code is valid for new customers only.

Use promo code: BL20 at checkout for additional 20% off these prices:

  • Fresh Chicken Breasts $1.49/lb.
  • 90/10 Ground Turkey $1.84/lb.
  • Wild Lobster Tails $19.36/lb.
  • Pork Tenderloins $2.90/lb.
  • 80/20 Ground Beef $2.64/lb.
  • Angus Ribeye Steaks $8.80/lb.

Happy Shopping!

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