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Kingsford 2 Pack Charcoal – The Cheapest Places to Buy This Weekend!

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Kingsford 2 Pack Charcoal – The Cheapest Places to Score!

Kingsford 2 Pack Charcoal

Kingsford 2 Pack Charcoal – Our Top Picks on Where to Buy!

Usually by this time we see awesome prices on charcoal 2-packs as people are getting ready to celebrate Memorial Day. No so this year. Stores are tightening their belts due to decreased sales and aren’t dropping prices like they normally would. However, we did find a couple of deals we wanted to share. 

The best prices we found were at Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and Homeland Grocery. 

If you know of better prices elsewhere, comment here and we’ll add them to the post 🙂

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