Dollar General Digital Coupon Test Run!

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I headed to Dollar General to see exactly how the new Dollar General digital coupon program works. I downloaded the $1.50/1 All Dollar General manufacturer’s coupon and printed the $2.00 off Dollar General store coupon to my account and headed off.

NOTE: if you haven’t signed up for the digital coupons, you can do so by clicking here.

Here’s the lowdown:

1. Before you get to Dollar General, sign in to your account on your phone. This may help the process along if you need to show the cashier you indeed have the coupons in your account. It may also help with the automatic deductions at the register.

2. After your items are rung up by the cashier you will see a DG Digital Coupon box on the payment screen (see the picture at the top of this post).


3. Once you click the DG Digital Coupon button, It will ask you to enter the phone number you signed up with.


4. You should then see the digital coupons deducted from your total 🙂

The digital coupons are always manufacturer’s coupons unless otherwise noted.  You can only use them one time on one item.

Dollar General Coupon Policy

Like to shop online? Check out DollarGeneral.com and shop from the comfort of you’re own home. Orders over $35.00 ship FREE and there is a flat rate of $4.99 for orders under $25.00 HERE.

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  1. I tried it yesterday as well. But I added the coupon from my home computer, because it gave me that option. Went to the store and purchased Snuggle scent boosters for $4. I then clicked on digital coupons, typed in my phone number, and nothing happened. The cashier had no idea how it was supposed to work, so he really couldn’t help me. I did contact Corporate to see if they can figure out what happened. One thing to add though. When you sign up online, it does not say you have to add a cell phone number, it only says to add a phone number so I put in my home phone number like I’ve been able to do with my other loyalty cards from other stores. I’m wondering if this is the reason it didn’t work (because it wasn’t my cell phone being used) and if it is, why aren’t they making that a little clearer when you sign up for the digital coupons? Because it only says, add phone number and not add cell phone number.

    1. Hi Carmen, nope you don’t have to have a cell phone number. The program has a few bugs in it and it’s not working as it should in some areas. Hopefully they will get it all worked out soon 🙂

  2. Just tried to use do this at the Yukon Reno Dollar General and they said we cannot use two electronic coupons on the same item?

    1. Carrie, when I talked with customer service I was told by them that yes, since the $2.00 was a store coupon the other coupons could be used with it – the manager at my DG said the same thing. Maybe, they just don’t understand at your store. Hopefully all the “bugs” will get worked out soon 🙂

  3. I had the same issue you had. Although the cashier had no clue how it all worked. I made sure both coupons were on my account… But only the $2 came off the total. When I got back home, it showed the detergent coupon still on my account, but the $2 was gone.
    I’m gonna try again tomorrow to see if it was take the $1.50 off.

    1. Debbie, these are digital coupons only so you can’t print them, BUT you might check the printable coupons on the Dollar General website. They may have similar coupons you can print. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. I did this deal at my Dollar General in Cleveland, Ok. and it worked perfectly. And I needed detergent too. I took my husband with me and he was grinning from ear to ear. He loved it and so did I. Would it be wrong for my husband to make him an account and do this deal also or is that being too greedy? Thank you Queen Mom for this amazing deal!!!

    1. Hi Amy, no, it would be perfectly ok for your husband to sign up too. There aren’t any restrictions as to how many in the household can sign up as long as they’re over 18 yrs. of age. Since the coupons are a one time use, there’s no chance of anyone clearing the shelves. Two per household is definitely not being greedy – tell your husband we said “happy shopping” 🙂

  5. I have tried twice in Tennessee to use the digital coupons without luck. I was sent my receipt electronically but nothing was deducted. Hopefully, they will work out the bugs soon. It is a great program…in theory.

  6. Are the digital coupons considered DG coupons or manufacturer coupons? Say for instance the DG website has a $1.00 off Tide digital coupon and I have a $1.00 off Tide manufacturer coupon from coupons.com, can I use both? Thanks!

    1. Hi AJ, most of the digital coupons are manufacturer’s coupons and can’t be combined with any others. If they are a DG coupon it will state that on the website picture of the coupon like the printables do. Hope this helps 🙂

  7. I have gone to all my stores and still can’t use my digital coupons I’m so mad the cashier or the manager do not know what is wrong

  8. I’m done w/Dollar General. I go in there all the time when they have a store coupon to save $5 off $25. I print coupons right from their site too. I NEVER ever can get through the line w/out major problems and wasting LOTS of time because the coupons don’t scan properly. It doesn’t matter what store I go to in my area. They always mess something up w/the digital coupons too.

    1. Here too and they can never answer your questions. Makes them look kind of dumb they always say call customer service but never give you a number to call. Looks like they could make the call right there instead of making u go home to find the number call try to fix it on the phone. Just to go back and it still doesn’t work

  9. When i try to use my dollar general $2 coupon it won’t let me use it. Sometimes i can’t use the PG coupons. What would cause this? This is very frustrating because i love to shop at general dollar.

  10. does one digital coupon work on multiple items (within limits)? or do you need one coupon per item and if so how do you get multiple digital coupons?

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