Walmart Clearance Up to 90% off

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I have to say that I have some of the best Walmart managers in the world.  They are so nice and they go the extra mile to let my readers know about awesome deals.  Dan Dan the Market Man, well that’s what I call him.   He’s really a Market Manager for Walmart.  I should be calling him Dan Dan the Clearance Man LOL.   Anyways, so Dan called me last night and said I got a HOT tip for you.  He must of heard me start to hyperventillate and start salivating all over the phone cause he gave a little chuckle.

He told me that starting tomorrow (Sat.) at 8:00am, they will have 4 stores doing major clearancing up to 90% off for all you Oklahoma folks.

  • Edmond Walmart on Danforth
  • Bellisle Walmart
  • Reno & Mcarthur Walmart
  • NW Expressway & Council Walmart

Here is a list of items that I know about and there will be way more than listed and each Walmart will have different stuff. I heard one Walmart will even have 4 pallets of stuff.

  • Clothes under $5
  • Some Toys 75% off
  • Playdough sets $5 (anyone still have those tear pads? )
  • Imaginext Dinosaurs $5-$8
  • Mighty Beans $2.50 (They even have StarWars ones)
  • Fisher Price toys 75% off
  • Christmas 90 % if they even put it out
  • Rockband $100
  • Kitchenaid Mixers $100
  • TV’s
  • School Supplies
  • Callaway Golf Balls and Gloves 50% off
  • Some items as low as .25
  • Many More

If your out shopping let us know what you find. We would even love to see pictures of your score!

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