Flower & Vegetable Seeds Just 25¢ at Dollar Tree + More!

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flower seeds dollar tree

Flower & Vegetable Seeds 25¢ at Dollar Tree!🌻🌷🍅🥒

It’s Spring and time to start getting ready for those vegetable gardens and flower beds. Before spending a bunch of cash at the home improvement stores, checkout what you can score at Dollar Tree – 25¢ vegetable seeds and more!

Inventory differs between stores – we can’t guarantee everything we found will be at your location.

You’ll find both flower and vegetable seeds for just 25¢ (reg. 99¢)!

If you’re needed to cover a wide area, our store had boxes of seeds that cove a 25 sq.ft. area.  We found boxes containing seeds for shade areas, attracting butterflies, wildflowers and more.

vegetable seeds - seed starter kits

Once you have your seeds you’ll need to get them started. We found these waterproof trays with 12 rooting cells for….you guessed it – $1.00!

vegetable seeds - seed starting potting soil

We found 2-lb. bags of potting soil – great for starting all those seedlings.

Our Dollar Tree has a wide variety of pots, plant markers and even jute string to tie up those tomato plants!

Our store had a variety of garden tools garden shears, pruning shears, twist ties, floral scissors and more. You may find even more tools at your location.

You can also find hose sprayers, garden tools, gloves and decor.  Checkout the whole garden section – you never know what you’ll find 😉

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Remember when shopping Dollar Tree:

  1. Dollar Tree only accepts a total 2 printable coupons total per DAY
  2. Dollar Tree limits 4 identical coupons per shopping trip.
  3. Inventory differs per store

Dollar Tree Coupon Policy HERE

Did you know you can shop Dollar Tree online and get FREE shipping with in-store pickup? Check it out HERE.
Be aware that there are minimum purchase quantities on most items when ordering online. BUT if you were gonna stock up anyways …

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