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Shopping Walgreens


Understanding Register Rewards (RR) *  Walgreens Coupon Policy

  • Shopping Walgreens with cpns is a little more complicated than CVS but you can still get some great deals! Shopping with Register Rewards is discussed in more detail in Understanding Register Rewards (RR) but  here’s a few things to remember about Walgreens.
  • Walgreens gives gives out Register Rewards for qualifying purchases. RR are catalina cpns that print from a machine ncxt to the register when you pay.  There is no loyalty card to sign up for in order to get RR.
  • You can use a manufacturer’s cpn, and a store cpn on the same item and pay for it with a RR.
  • At Walgreens if you have more cpns than items the register will beep when scanning  the extra cpns. For example: you buy Olay Moisturizing Lotion for $10.00 and you have a $5.00 manufacturer’s cpn, a $3.00 store cpn and a $2.00 RR. Even though it’s ok to use all 3 cpns on the product the register will beep when the cashier scans the 2nd & 3rd cpn. You’ll have to throw in what we call “fillers” – a couple of really cheap pieces of candy  etc. to make it 3 items and 3 cpns.
  • Because RR are catalina’s, watch for unadvertised RR deals posted in your store or on (click on Your Bucks from the top menu). These are deals not in the weekly ad.
  • Always pick up the Walgreens monthly cpn booklet. The booklets are usually found with the weekly ads at the front of the store when you first walk in. These cpns can be stacked with manufacturer’s cpns and RR for even more savings! You cal also print out the cpns on
  • Watch for special cpns booklets – Walgreens is good about having them throughout their stores. Always check the cosmetics counter and the pharmacy as both places are good for finding cpn booklets.
  • Find out what day of the week your store receives their inventory trucks so you can be there on that day to get anything that was cleared out.

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