The Consumer Kids

The Consumer Kids

My crazy crew……..

Taylor Garcia

Meet Taylor – Taylor is in high school and enjoys playing XBOX and WII. Taylor loves fashion and is obsessed with jewelry. She is attend OSU college and wants to work with animals. She is looking at a career as a Vet. Taylor loves to review: electronics, fashion, beauty and crafts.

Ryan Garcia

Meet Ryan– Ryan is a Sophmore in  high school and is your typical gamer. He bought computer parts with his own money and built a computer. His life is pretty much engrossed with technology. He shares a Lego Obsession with his dad, although I’d have to say his dad might have the bigger obsession. Ryan loves to review: Electronics! Especially anything to do with gaming, computers or cell phones. Click here to see posts written by The Consumer Kids!

Kori Dunn

Meet Kori – Kori is our God-daughter. She came in to our life in June of 2015 when her home life became a place where she could no longer stay. Kori is a fashion-ista and is going to college to become a nurse. She has a bright and bubbly personality and has a strong christian faith.