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DIY Headband Holder

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diy headband holder

I am currently pregnant with my first girl and after having 2 boys it didn't take me long to start buying everything pink, bows and ruffles.  Which means I quickly accumulated lots of different hair bows and headbands.  I quickly realized that all these cute little hair bows needed a place to stay but I didn't want them stuffed into a drawer or piled on top of each other in a basket.  I wanted them easily accessible.  So I started my search for ideas of what I could make when I came across this fun idea!

My favorite thing about this DIY project is that it's not expensive (cost me less than $6.00 for mine!) and is super versatile in the fact that you can customize it any way you'd like!  My nursery theme is rustic vintage so I'm going with white, burlap, wood and pink.  There were many different materials I could have chosen for this project but I stuck with the burlap because 1) it matches my theme and 2) it's neutral so the bows show up beautifully.

diy headband holder 2

You'll only need 4 (maybe 5) things to make this Headband Holder.

  1. Empty oatmeal container
  2. Candle holder
  3. Fabric
  4. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  5. Paint (optional)

Once my oatmeal container was finally empty I cleaned it out well and took it with me to the store to look for fabric and a candle holder.  Make sure the candle base you choose can be hot glued to the oatmeal container.  The burlap I chose was a little see-through which is why I had to paint the oatmeal container before covering it.  If your fabric is dark enough you won't need to pain the container.

Once your oatmeal container is ready simply hot glue the fabric all the way around.  I folded the edge under to make it look cleaner.  Once that is done then go around the bottom of your container, tucking in the material and hot gluing as you go.  Make sure your folds are smooth.  Then do the same with the top by tucking it inside the container.

When that is cooled the container is ready to be glued to the candle base.  And that's it!  I do love how pretty it turned out but I have way too many headbands so I'm either going to have to make another one of these or find another DIY Headband Holder project!  If you make one be sure to send a photo.  I'd love to see it!

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