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Rewards Programs – Join and Earn Points for Gift Cards and Cash!

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Take a Look at These Rewards Programs & Save!

Looking for other ways to save money besides using coupons? If so, you've come to the right place! There are so many ways to earn gift cards, cash and get rebates on the the things you buy every week for your family.

Check out the programs below. They're all FREE to join and have been verified to be safe. We participate in many of the programs ourselves. There are TWO types of programs – Rewards programs & rebate programs.

Rewards Programs

Rewards programs allow you to earn cash or gift cards for completing tasks such as reading emails, making purchases thru their site, taking surveys and more.  Below are some of the rewards programs we recommend.

Earn Free Gift Cards With Shopkick


Earn points for gift cards by scanning products in-store with your smartphone, making purchases with a linked debit or credit card, referrals and even for just walking into the store. I scored 100 points today just walking into Walmart! If you prefer not to link a card, you can still participate in ShopKick.

I like earning points for scanning products in-store. I'm there anyway so I might as well work towards earning a gift card. I just open up the app, chose my store and use the ShopKick scanner  to scan the products listed – pretty easy!

Head over HERE and get the app for your phone and star earning points! If you need more info on ShopKick before you sign up you can read our post about it here.

2.)Kellogg's Family Rewards:

Collect points when you buy Kelloggs/Keebler products and enter codes found inside on the Kelloggs website. You can also get points by entering the free codes we post on the blog. The points can then be redeemed for high value coupons and  gifts. Once you sign up you'll receive emails with high value coupons and you'll be able to print coupons from their website. You can sign up HERE.

3.)Pampers Rewards: 

Earn points for buying Pampers products, reading articles and entering free codes that we post on the blog. You can redeem those points for FREE diapers and other items. Join and you'll get 100 points to get you started. Click here to join. 

REbate Programs

Rebate programs allow you to get partial or complete refunds on your purchases. Some programs are store specific (meaning you can only use the program at the stores on their list) and some you can use at any store. Just download their app to get started. 

All rebate programs will take the money you earn from purchases and put them in an account. Once you reach a certain amount you can request a check or PayPal payment. The amount required for payment differs between programs.

1.)Receipt Hog:

I have used Receipt Hog a long time and it’s easy and straightforward, but am not good at keeping up with it. Just submit receipts with the in-app camera, and play the “slots” for chances at more points (coins).
Use Code: pag56164 to get 5 free spins to earn more points.

Pros- If you tend to run out of receipts, this is a good app to download.  You can level up to achieve more rewards faster as you go.  The more often you log in, the better this one works.  If you log in at least once a week you will level up at a decent pace and see some progress.

Cons- Receipt Hog does not accept receipts from fast food or restaurants. It must be a grocery or retail store.


This program rewards you for purchases you make in-store and online from stores on their list.  The stores will have specific items that you can choose to get rebates on. Each rebate will require you to complete VERY simple tasks in order to activate it.

You'll need to have a smartphone to download the app. You'll need to submit a picture of your receipt OR some stores allow you to link your loyalty card to ibotta. When a card is linked you don't have to submit a receipt, it keeps track of your purchases and the store will relay that info to ibotta.

Once you reach $20.00 in your account you can request payment. You can join ibotta and get the app HERE. To read more about ibotta before you join you can read our post HERE. (use code aan7cg for a 410 bonus when you do your first offer within 7 days)

3.)Fetch Rewards:

Fetch is fairly new but one of our favorites. There's a huge list of grocery items that will give points for purchase, these points can then be redeemed for gift certificates and other things. The best part about Fetch is that you can scan any receipt from ANY store and it can be up to 14 days old! Use code: EF9PC Before you enter your first receipt and you'll get 2,000 bonus points (= $2) You can download the Fetch App here. Click here to join. 

4.)Checkout 51:

Checkout51 can be used at ANY store (unless otherwise noted) and does not require a smartphone. Every Thursday, a new list of rebates become available. You check the list in your account, head to the store and make the purchases you want. When you get home, snap a picture of your receipt and upload it to your account. It can take up to 48 hours for the money to show up  and once your balance reaches $20.00 you can request payment.  You can sign up with Checkout51 HERE