The Royal Dogs

Meet our four fur babies, The Royal Dogs. These three spoiled pooches love to be pampered and the each have their own personality. Check out the our The Royal Dog posts!


Meet Isabella – Izzy is my chunky monkey and was our first Chihuahua. She is definitely the Queen of the house, or so she thinks. Izzy is my smart one. She can figure things out quick and loves to do tricks.  She can sit, shake, lay, roll over, fist bump and dance on her toes. She loves her treats ( as you can tell) and is not happy that we currently have her on a diet. She has her own toy box filled with toys and it is so fun to watch her go and choose what toy she wants to play with. Izzy likes to ride in the car with the window rolled down and if you don't roll it down she has figured out how to do it herself lol! Boomer

Meet Boomer – Boomer is a Blue Chihuahua and was adopted from Tiny Tails rescue at our local Petsmart at age 6. Boomer is my snuggler and pretty much never leaves my side. He even sleeps in the bed like a human on his back with his arms outside the covers. He is very timid and seems to be afraid of men. We are not sure what happen in his previous home but it has really shown through in his behavior. He is the type of dog who will pretty much let you do anything to him, you can even carry him in your arms like a baby. As long as he is being loved on , he is in heaven.

Chloe Sitting

Meet Chloe:

She's new kid on the blog. Chloe is a Pom-Chi who was also adopted from Tiny Tails rescue. She is full of spunk and quite the trouble maker in the family. She has a uniques personality and she loves to chase rabbits or pretty much anything that moves lol. She is also a very loving dog, when she's in the mood her lovable personality comes out and makes you forget all about that onryness. I mean just look at her, could you stay mad at that face for long?

Izzy and Chloe