Shopping Target FAQ

Target Information Page

Before you head out to Target you may want to take a look at the following frequently asked questions to help get the most out of your shopping experience.

Q. When does the Target Ad start?
A. Target ads run from Sunday thru Saturday.

Q. Does Target allow stacking of coupons?
A. Yes, Target allows you to use one Target coupon, one Target Cartwheel offer, and one manufacturer's coupon to buy a single item.

Q. What do I need to know about Target Store coupons?
A. Target has two types of store coupons. Those you print from their website and those found in the Sunday paper coupon inserts.  The printables have a limit of one identical coupon per transaction while the insert coupons usually have a limit of 4.

Target coupons can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons and with Target Cartwheel offers.  If using a Cartwheel offer just remember the value of the Target coupon will be deducted first before the Cartwheel % is taken off. Then any manufacturer's coupons will be deducted.

There are both manufacturer's AND store coupons on the Target website. Target does not mark which ones are store and which ones are manufacturer's. Usually (but not always) Target coupons will state “with purchase of” while manufacturer's coupons will state “when you buy”. Coupons that don't state either are usually store coupons too.

Target does not allow an additional Target coupon to used with a BOGO free Target coupon.

For Example: You can't buy 2 Tide detergents and use a BOGO Free Target coupon and then use a .50/1 Tide Target coupon on the one you are buying to get the free one.

Most stores will not allow a coupon to be used on a product made free by a store promotion.

For Example: Target has deal where you get free Lay's Chips when you buy a 2-liter Coke. You can use a coupon on the Coke but not on the chips.

Q. What's the scoop on Target mobile coupons?
A. Target mobile coupons can only be used once, for one product. They cannot be used with other Target coupons on the same item. You can sign up for mobile coupons HERE. After signing up, you'll receive about 1-2 text messages a week. What I like best is that you can actually pick the time you'd like to receive your coupons.

If after signing up you don't start receiving coupons you can try texting OFFERS to 827438.  Text HELP to 827438 for info. Text STOP to 827438 to cancel (you'll receive a confirmation text or further instructions).

Additionally, Target will have other mobile coupons you don't need to be signed up to receive. We post these as they become available with instructions on how to get them.

Q. Does Target reward it's customers for being “green”
A. If you bring in your own reusable shopping bag Target will credit your bill .05.

Q. What is the Target REDcard and how can it save me money?
A. The REDcard can be either a credit card or a debit card tied to your checking account. The REDcard can only be used at Target and will save you 5% off your purchases each time you use it. The REDcard can also be used at the Target snack bar or Target Starbucks for 5% off!  You can apply for the REDcard HERE or at your local Target store. Since it can only be used at Target you have a lot less to worry about if it's lost or stolen 🙂

Q. Does Target price match like Walmart?
A. Target will price match at customer service and you  will need the ad from the store you are wanting to price match from.  Unlike Walmart, Target will price match online stores including and Amazon! Each store should have a tablet or computer to check the online price you are wanting them to match.

You are allowed to use coupons when price matching BUT if you are using a Target store coupon that coupon will be taken off the Target price FIRST. If the balance that's left is still higher than the store you want to price match then Target will price match it.