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Clever Ways to Trick or Treat This Halloween

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If you're a parent trying to think of Clever Ways to Trick or Treat this Halloween, this post is for you! See these fun ideas that will still have you making Halloween memories.

Clever Ways to Trick or Treat This Halloween

With all that is going on in our world right now, a lot of us are anticipating a much different Halloween this year. See a few tips on how to plan and choose alternatives to traditional Trick or Treating, or alternatives to handing out candy at your doorstep.

Know your Trick or Treat Times and Local Halloween Events:

The first thing we suggest is to plan ahead! Do you live in a larger city with specific times to Trick or Treat, or a Trick or Treat Age Limit? Are there any mask mandates for larger events? Prepare younger children for the possibility there may be fewer Halloween events, houses hosting trick or treaters, and other changes.

If you normally attend a Trunk or Treat, verify that the event is still being held! Even if your church or community group normally has their event the exact same time and location every year, keep in mind there may be changes. Know before you head out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Halloween Jokes for Kids - Kids Celebrating Halloween photo


This one is all over social media, so hopefully we will see many folks participate. The idea is that if you're giving out candy, put an orange (or Halloween themed) balloon on your mailbox so that Trick or Treaters and parents will know you're participating.

This will allow them to make a quick stop at your house and keep moving along with little or no contact! Perfect idea!

If you're looking for places to find candy for the kids, be sure to check your Nextdoor App or local neighborhood Facebook group. We often have neighbors on Nextdoor add a location to a Trick or Treat map to help parents out!

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Since many families drive from house to house trick or treating anyway, consider setting out a table at the curb with decorations and candy. Instead of the bowl of candy, you can have single candies set out across the table to minimize contact.

Remember to have a bottle of hand sanitizer available too!


If you're used to preparing a Trunk or Treat or handing out candy to specific family members or neighbors, consider doing baskets.

You can grab a Dollar Tree bin and fill with candy and a few non-food treats for the kids for just a few dollars. Call or text mom or dad to pick up their basket, OR just drop it off on their doorstep. This would be such a fun surprise for the little ones to find! This would be ideal for grandparents or if you have a family in mind you would like to donate candy to.

Some ideas to include are:

Clever Ways to Trick or Treat This Halloween


Halloween Cupcakes Idea

If you're not going out this Halloween at all, here are a few ideas to make the day special!

  • Make Halloween Cupcakes – find ingredients at Aldi!
  • Rent a scary (but family friendly) movie
Witch Fingers Dessert

Make a fun Halloween snack like these Witch Fingers!

Do a creative spin on an Egg Hunt- Hide Halloween candy around the house and lawn for a Candy Hunt!

Make a photo backdrop for pictures of your kids in their adorable costumes.

Don't forget the classics– Carve a few pumpkins as a family. If you're not up to the mess, let the kids paint pumpkins. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you can use some of these easy Halloween alternatives! Have a happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. My family usually just goes to a trunk or treat event. This year we had to tell the kids that would just not be possible. Due to my son’s lung issues we have to completely isolate. A couple days later he came to us with an amazing idea. He suggested we line up stuffed animals around the house. Put 2 pieces of candy in front of each one and he and his sister can go from one to the next and stuffed animal trunk or treat. Super cute and creative idea that we hadn’t even thought of. Perfect for little kids.

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