Fanta “Scary Good Moms” Halloween Recipes

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It's October and the smell of Halloween is the air. Besides costumes,decorations, goulish recipes and lots of candy are things you maybe starting to think about. I thought I would share a few fun recipe ideas that are sure to be a hit at your party.

  • Mummy Dogs– Wrap hot dogs with crescent rolls leaving a space at the top for your Face.Draw the eyes and mouth with mustard.
  • Dip from the Dead– Grab your favorite bowl of dip and take 5 carrot sticks and stand them up in a bowl to look like fingers. Make fingernails out of slivered almonds. Looks like a scary hand coming out of the grave.
  • Deviled Eggs-Use blue food coloring to make the filling green and top with a slice of olive for an eyeball.
  • Worms on a Bun– Slice up hotdogs long ways in the shape of worms and smother in BBQ sauce or ketchup. Place them on the bun so they are sticking out. Looks really cool.
  • Spider Meatballs– Use pre-cooked meatballs and add pretzel sticks for legs. Make red wyes with BBQ Sauce or ketchup.
  • Spooky Punch – Fill your punch bowl with a mixture of Fanta Orange and sprite. Granb your ice tray and fill left over punch  and place a gummy worm in the center of each individual cube in the tray and freeze. Add the the punch to make it look like floating worms in your glass or in the middle of the punch bowl.

These are all quick and easy recipes that you and your kids can make together.

Now I'm curious to know, what are your favorite Halloween party tips, tricks, and memories?  By answering you will be entered to win one of 15 Halloween Prize Packages (each a $100 value) from Fanta!  

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