New Better Homes and Gardens Warmer Fragrance System

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I have been a Scentsy user for a while now. I am very excited that Walmart now has new Warmer Fragrance Systems from Better Homes and Gardens. If you don't know what I am talking about they are ceramic warmers that plug in and are heated by a light  by a 25w bulb. Great for those who don't like the open flame of a candle. The wax in the trays melt warm to touch and do not burn the skin. You can buy different scented wax cubes that are interchangeable and wipe clean easy.The wax is top quality paraffin blended specifically to melt at a low temperature loaded with fragrance.

So how do they compare?

  • Scentsy warmers sell for $3o and Walmart sells them for $15
  • Scentsy wax is $5 Walmart sells it for $2.
  • Walgreens & Michaels both sell warmers for $16.99
I think the warmers are just as good at Walmart so why pay more and while I still like some of the scents at Walmart I feel that Scentsy has more of a variety and I like some of their scents better. I am hoping since these are new, Walmart will be adding more scents soon. These would make a great Christmas gift.
I am part of the Walmart Moms program and I was compensated for my time in creating this post. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I am a big Scentsy fan, and I also sell the product. I don’t think that makes me entirely biased, however! I have had many people come to me after trying the Walmart waxes and they have all said that they lose the scent a lot sooner than Scentsy bars and the scents are not as strong. I can definitely understand buying the warmers at a lower price though! 🙂

  2. I agree with Heather, and I am NOT a Scentsy rep! The Wal-Mart bricks seem like a bargain, but they only last 1 or 2 times being warmed up before they lose their scent. I burned a brick of Winter Wonderland from Scentsy last year for a month and a half, and it STILL smells good! The Wal-Mart warmer (I bought one for m Mother in Law for Mothers Day, so I got to experience the difference) gets MUCH hotter to the touch than the Scentsy warmer. The Wal-Mart bricks can be useful if you just want a new scent for a party or special occasion, but in the end, they cost A LOT more since they don’t last!

  3. I also sell Scentsy. I also have tons of customers who have experienced off brand warmer systems and come back because Scentsy is higher quaility and is better for their bottom line in cost when they don’t have to question the quality.. and you know you can get them for free by hosting an event at your home or office! Being a coupon queen myself, nothing beats FREE!
    Joan Curtis

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