Make your own Glitter Tooth Fairy Money!

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Tooth Fairy

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Here's the question…what does the Tooth Fairy bring to your house?! My daughter just lost her second tooth and I've been asking my friends what the tooth fairy leaves their children. I've heard many different answers. For some it's $1, for others is a dollar coin, toys, notes and some have a wealthier tooth fairy!!

I didn't want my daughter to start knocking her teeth out on purpose just receive some money, but I also want her get something special. So here is what our Tooth Fairy brings….glitter money or fairy dust money.

It's very simple to make and you'll love the reaction you get when you child gets it!

I used a spray adhesive and sprayed a light spray on the bill. Make sure you have something under the bill to catch any excess spray. Let dry for 1 minute and then dust with glitter.

That's it…Fairy Dusted Money straight from the Tooth Fairy!!

tooth fairy money diy


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