Make your own Chalkboard Labels!!

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One of my goals of the new year is to get better organize. I always start out good, but then I fail to keep it up. I want things to be in their place, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. I've been seeing a lot of labels being advertised. I love the idea of labels with chalkboard so you can reuse them….but I didn't like the price tag. I couldn't find them for under $1 a label!! So I decided to make my own. I already had the chalkboard paint from previous projects, it only costs between $3-$4 and you don't end up using that much. Then I bought some everyday labels, they were only $1 for 72!!  I always have a stash of sponge paint brushes sitting around. Here's how to make them!

First lay the labels out on newspaper. I didn't removed them from the backing. Just paint it like it is. I did 3 light coats of paint and let it dry in between each coat. You don't want to get the labels too wet. After they are completely dry peel them off and put them on whatever you like and write on it with chalk!You can put these on jars, baskets, shelves…etc!  These literally cost only pennies a label!! I'm seriously excited about this project! I'm on a mission….get organized..and crafty!!

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