10 DIY Backyard Games

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Hello Summer!!! I am so excited that we are finally able to get outside now that the weather is warm. How many of us are fair weather creatures? I can't help it if I was meant to live in the tropics! Anyways, now that we're outside, what are we going to do? Turns out there's plenty to do! You can do everything from bowling to glow in the dark ring toss on your lawn. You can even freeze everything you can think of in a block of ice and let your littles or grandlittles chip away like little excavators with eye droppers, salt, and paint brushes! Here are 10 DIY Backyard Games to help you get started not only being active, but with just plain having fun!

Backyard Gladiator

Nothing says you're my best friend like a well padded blow to the head!


Standing on tree trunks or milk crates adds a new level to the classic tug of war game!

Jumbo Jenga

Paint or stain your blocks any color you want!


Ker-Plunk! Don't let the balls fall!

Hide-a-way Nook

Build the perfect nook for reading, playing house, paint a city layout or racetrack on the floor, make it anything you want!

This thing looks amazing, and ridiculously easy compared to most plans for kids’ playhouses. This technically isn’t a game per se, but it would be amazing for the littles to play house and other fun games in the backyard.


Get back to the simple fun and skills of classic tetherball!

Corn Hole

Keep stepping back to increase the difficulty!

Yard Yahtzee

Yahtzee! We can all play with this fun backyard edition!

Pool Noodle Ring Toss

Teach the littles to play horseshoes without an squished toes! Watch out though it's a ton of fun!

Yard Twister

Bring the fun and challenge of the game we love outdoors!

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