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Ice Melt Substitute -Homemade Ice Melter

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Winter where we are in the mid-west part of the United States means ice storms and much snow will be in full force. Don't get caught without our Homemade Ice Melter and Ice Preventer Spray. It's the perfect Ice Melt Substitute. We will also go over some of the best alternatives that give the best results . These ice melt alternatives and Ice Melt Substitute are perfect for business owners and residential homes for the cold months of winter.

icy car windshield - homemade ice melter

We don't have the worst winters here in Oklahoma. Our area of the country is known more for its severe weather in the spring (and sometimes even other times of year). What we do have in the winter are sleet, winter mix and sometimes a sudden and severe ice storm. Due to the fact these storms are few and far between, they can spell trouble for parking lots, plant life (especially trees), and any large road surface area. Many people are also not accustomed to winter weather, and don't really know of a great way to melt ice! If you're unsure, see our tips here. The last thing you want during an ice storm is to be unprepared.

The Risks of using Store Bought Ice Melt:

There are many risks associated with the use of snow and ice melting salt or rock salt which is also know as potassium chloride. You know the stuff you buy at the the local hardware store. For one thing, it is not biodegradable like an Ice Melt Substitute. The ingredients typically contain toxic chemicals which can seep into soil over time while also negatively impacting plants near waterways–not only does this affect animals and aquatic life who drink directly but will also filter downstream. For anyone looking for an earth friendly option, this isn't it.

The harsh salts in snow Melts can also be damaging to concrete. The chemical bonds that keep it strong are broken, and this leads to a driveway with expensive repair or even replacement much sooner than expected! After the cold weather is over you may notice a lot of damage to your concrete or asphalt.

Ice melting can cause major damage to your yard and landscaping, not only because of its harsh salts but also byway it melts which affects the environment. As ices melt there is a lot more runoff than usual. This surface water contains these toxins that may kill grasses or other plants in an unfortunate way.

ice melt pellets - Ice Melt Substitute

Just like humans, pets and local wildlife can be affected by the harmful chemicals in snow and ice melt products. When ingested, the snow melt will irritate your pet’s stomach lining which may lead them into serious medical problems like dehydration; it also dries out their paws causing cracking skin that is prone towards infection in some cases! This is definitely something to think about in our area of the country, since we do have sudden cold snaps and then warm ups during our winter season. Pet owners, you must keep in mind the safety of your pets and animals when using chemicals for ice. It's probably not the first thing that comes to mind when we are just trying to get rid of dangerous icy areas! But it can be very important.

If you are looking for calcium chloride pellets, calcium magnesium acetate is less corrosive than chloride-based de-icing products.

I don't know about you but it seems like winter just keeps getting longer and longer. We normally keep our car in the garage but we bought a small pop up camper this year that is taking up the space while we renovate so unfortunately our car is getting a beating with all of this winter weather. Check out our alternative method of melting ice without all those unknown chemicals. Keep in mind these are for residential use only, and use at your own risk. Be aware of general principles of hot and cold. For instance, glass can break if it's heated up too quickly. Extremely low air temperature can also affect metals and other object. Be aware of the best way to melt ice in your own area.

We have 2 recipes for you today. An Ice preventer spray and a Homemade Ice Melter.

plastic bottle -Ice Melt Substitute

We have 2 recipes for you today. An Ice preventer spray and a Homemade Ice Melter.


The ice preventer spray is made up of 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup water. You just pour the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake. Use this when you alerted that a winter storm is coming and spray down your car windows and windshields. You could also spray this on your mailbox to keep it from freezing shut! I just store the spray bottle underneath my sink.

white vinegar - Ice Melt Substitute

This is a preventative mix that will help keep the ice from sticking to the window and should make it easier to clean off. Ensure you use this in small areas, and do not allow any chemicals to come into contact with your car paint.


The 2nd recipe is Homemade Ice Melter. Which is a mixture of Rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water. Be sure to only use a few drops of dish soap — we don't need to clean the car in the winter! 🙂 Both my mom and all 3 of my grown kids live in an apartment so they have no protection for their car against Jack Frost.

They also make windshield covers for snow and ice as well if you end up not wanting to mess with making a spray. I love both of the recipes because they are simple to make and they use ingredients I already have on hand. I also use a collapsible funnel to make it easier.

Dish soap -homemade ice melter -Ice Melt Substitute

Tip: Make it up right before use and use warm water so that it helps melt the ice faster. Keep the spray away from the paint of your car so that it doesn't do any damage. As with all of our recipes we say , use with caution and that we are not responsible for any mishaps you might incur. You can also make this in big batches to de ice your sidewalks. Again, never use boiling or very hot water on cold glass. This could spell bad news!

Homemade Ice Melter

plastic bottle

Winter is here which means ice storms and snow will be in full force. Don't get caught without our Homemade Ice Melter.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Under $10


  • Spray Bottle
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 1 cup Rubbing alcohol
  • 3 drops Dishwashing liquid


  1. Mix all of the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray on top of your car windshield and windows.

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Here is a List of other Items You can use for an Ice Melt Substitute:

There are other items that can help in the melting process for those slippery surfaces and snow removal other than our homemade ice melts. Check your pantry to see if you have any of the following ice melt substitute to help with ice removal and icy surfaces.

Coffee Grounds – The leftover coffee grounds or coffee grinds from your morning brew can help prevent ice formation and slip hazards on walks during winter months. To apply them, simply hold the bag over fresh snow or slush for about 10 minutes before wiping off any excess with a cloth towel- this will cause acids within each layer of soil to begin digesting organic materials like sugars found naturally in plants which helps melt.

Baking SodaBaking soda can be used as an effective and environmentally-friendly ice melt! Not many people know this. It's something that will harmlessly convert the snow into water without damaging concrete or sidewalks then try using this natural ingredient. Not only does it work faster than calcium chloride salt (which can actually cause corrosion), but because there are no harmful chemicals involved in its transformation from solid to liquid state-it’s safe enough even around children! It's a great option that is also pretty cheap.

Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is a natural substance that can be used to melt ice and snow. It's also known as Magnesium Sulfate. It's a quick fix and does a great job on slippery areas on outdoor surfaces and it's safer on plants.

Sugar Beets or Sugar Beet Juice – The sweet juice from sugar beets can actually lower the freezing point of water to -20 degrees F! It doesn't affect plant or pet life, but it will stain concrete.

Cat Litter or Kitty Litter – If you can find any of the above in your home you have a cat. You can also use kitty litter as an ice melt. This one is a little more of a messy option as it sticks to the bottom of your shoes and can leave a mess when you track it inside. You will want to make sure you sweep up any left over once the ice melts so that it doesn't clog up any street gutters and sewers.

Products to have on Hand for Winter Storms:

Snow Shovel – Snow shoveling is a necessary evil during the winter. But it doesn't have to be as hard as it seems. In fact, if you use the right tool for the job, it can be a lot easier. A snow shovel is perfect for clearing large areas of snow, but it can also be used for smaller tasks like removing snow from your car or porch. So before you head out into the next big storm, make sure you have a snow shovel on hand!

Snow Blower – In many parts of the country, winter storms can bring lots of snow. While shoveling can be a good way to clear your driveway and sidewalks, using a snow blower can make the job much easier.

Heated Mats – If you live in a place where it can get ice-filled sidewalks, then plugging in one of these heated mats for your front step will keep everything free from nasty ice and snow. This product has been proven effective at melting two inches per hour on average – perfect if we're talking about keeping things comfortable all winter long.

We hope this list will help you find the right Ice Melt Substitute to help you during the winter months in your area.

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