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Our Tips for Financial Self Care

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Financial Self Care with H&R Block:

Does tax season have you stressed out about your financial situation in general? This past year as brought about so many changes and most of us have had to adapt one way or another to manage financially! I know my family has experienced some changes!

If you're motivated to make changes for the better with your personal finances, see a few good reasons to practice “financial self care” or taking charge of your own financial confidence and — as much as possible– your own situation.

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My Own Ways of Practicing Financial Self Care:

To be honest, discussing finances and managing our budget isn't our favorite thing to do. Unless you're a numbers person –which most of us are not — you can probably say the same.

The good thing is, you don't have to always have a cloud of stress over you when you sit down to look over your finances. Here are some basic tips:

Have a Set Place for All of Your Financial Paperwork and Digital Files:

For starters, staying organized is a key to staying in control and destressing. If I have an important piece of paper lost in the house somewhere, it's going to stress me out until I find it. We have a large folder for all of our previous tax forms, which can be printed off after they are completed with H&R Block. Paper copies are helpful to have.

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We also store digital files of important paperwork we need to file our taxes. Consider downloading and using H&R Block’s free myBlock app, which
makes it easy to collect and safely store your financial documents throughout the year (including receipts, donations, etc.) to get ready for tax filing. It will also tell you exactly what docs you need to file your taxes. If it’s easier for you, you can take a picture of your documents to quickly add them to your myBlock account.

With e-filing with H&R Block Online, you just need to upload the correct
documents as you’re walked through the filing process. Having a digital copy of everything ready to go makes it even easier! As paperwork comes in the mail, or is made available to you through your employer, you can just save as needed.

Make a Routine, and Look Over things Often:

If we let a stack of bills pile up or just haven't looked at our financial information for a while, there's always a level of stress there when we sit down to look at things.

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If you are struggling in this area, one tip is to set a day and time each month to look over your financial information. Include things like bank accounts, bills, credit card statements, and more. As tax season nears, you can also familiarize yourself with your e-filing software if it's new to you.

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As with any electronic filing program, a third tip from us is use reliable software! With a household name like H&R Block you won't worry about your if your software is legitimate or secure!

Make a Plan

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, this one is easier said than done for most of us! However, having goals and plans has helped us manage finances in the past.

Over the years we've dealt with many medical bills due to my husband's illness. With that comes the obvious stress, and then planning around bills if we wanted to save up for something like a vehicle. This has been doable for us, by being consistent with our budgeting and looking over things often. H&R Block also makes it easy to save for what matters with easy saving tools on myBlock. You can also access your credit score to help stay on top of your financial goals.

I hope these simple tips can help you in your financial journey, and you can take advantage of this discount on H&R Block Online if it's on your to-do list! Thanks for reading!

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